Yusupov Palace

Address: St. Petersburg, nab. Moika River. 94
Price on request
Information: White-columned hall – capacity up to 180 guests
Mirror Hall – capacity up to 50 guests
Theatre – up to 120 guests

Carte Blanche conducts a variety of activities at the Yusupov Palace, which accommodates up to 180 people.
In 1770, it completed construction of the palace by the architect Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe -Mishelya. The palace was built for Count Andrei Petrovich Shuvalov. In 1795, at the Shuvalov family bought the estate of a certain Countess Branitskaya and only after almost 40 years in 1830, Prince Yusupov bought the palace. After preobriteniya home prince decided to make a reconstruction of the palace and entrusted to lead a project Russian architect A. Mikhailov. Changes were cardinal: built two new single-storey wing, changed the facade and made a complete redevelopment of the interior, all the work lasted for about 8 years.

The interesting life of the palace began with the appearance of a man who knew everything – Grigory Rasputin. The royal family, Rasputin was respect, he treated the Emperor’s son from a terrible disease, and successful, but despite this the people he does not like his pyansto and dissolute life, and its excellent relations with the royal family explained as the effect of h using black of magic. Once there was a plot against Rasputin and he was killed in one of the rooms of the Yusupov Palace, and his body was vybrasheno into the river.
Currently, the palace is a historical and cultural monument of federal significance, and awaits guests for events. Location of the palace in a beautiful part of St. Petersburg, on the Moika River, attracts residents and visitors kultornoy capital. The building has a beautiful façade, large rooms and a theater.