This Russian breakfast in the English rowing club

English rowing club met this Russian breakfast guests. The combination of English and native Russian style creates a unique atmosphere.
Russian cuisine has passed a long way of development, going through different stages, each of which has left an indelible mark. And despite the fact that in the time of Peter the majority of dishes were brought in from the west, Russian kitchen really rich and useful ..

Pavlopassadskie scarves, bagels and silver trays – surroundings rich towers, which is well blended into the design of the English rowing club. Main table for particularly rich, as was in Russia: samovar – an essential attribute of Russian feast, a bunch of bagels and numerous small sandwiches – canapes. A variety of cereals were considered in ancient ritual and ceremonial foods, which is why the main dish of the table was the porridge.

Carte blanche for you to prepare an exit banquet in Russian style with a rich selection of world cuisine