Sheremetev Palace (MUSEUM OF MUSIC)

Sheremetev Palace (MUSEUM OF MUSIC)
Address: St. Petersburg, nab. Fontanka River, d. 34
Price on request
Information: Accommodates up to 140 guests
* Only for activities related to the cultural life of the city

One of the most famous mansions of St. Petersburg is waiting for you for the event. Your gstey met and served by waiters professilonalno keytringovoy company Carte Blanche.
Sherementevyh Manor was donated by Peter the Great to Field Marshal, Count BP Sheremetev in 1712, when the capital of the Russian Empire became St. Petersburg. After his death the estate went to his son, and after a short time, Peter B. Sherementev decided to rebuild the palace.

Palace Reconstruction ended in 1750. Now the “Fountain House” was a two-story building, which consisted of three parts: the two wings and the central body.
Making rooms and halls full compliance with the requirements of the era, a variety of color patterns, gold thread and handmade panels.
The last owner of the palace in 1918, after the revolution, the estate passed into state ownership, but there were the servants live, the wife of one of them, Anna Akhmatova – poet known throughout the world, too, has remained there to live.

After her death in Sherementevskom palace houses a museum of Anna Akhmatova.
A legendary palace awaits guests for events. The excellent location, the embankment of the Fontanka River, allow for a beautiful photo shoot next to the palace. Manor can accommodate up to 140 people, which allows for small events or large-scale banquets. We have a unique chance to visit his office for lovers of works of Joseph Brodsky.

In the 18th century, the palace is often held Sherementevskom social events. On the evening of the celebrations resemble large rooms with expensive luxurious interior.
Sherementevski Palace – a unique place. Gourmet cuisine, prepared by experts keytringovoy company Carte Blanche will perfectly fit into the VIP level events.