Address: St. Petersburg, the English Embankment, 44.
Price on request
Information: The estimated cost of rent 100 000

Carte Blanche will prepare for you an event in a unique location in the city on the Neva River – the first stone building on the Promenade des Anglais.
The estate was built in the first half of the eighteenth century.
The first owner of the manor was Galitsyno dynasty – one of the most illustrious dynasties of Imperial Russia. Later, in 1802, the house on the waterfront of English gained Count Nikolay Rumyantsev.

Initially, the external adjustment of the building is not planned, only internal. The count had three bedrooms overlooking the Neva. Due to the fact that the outer facade is absolutely not responsible Magnificent Interiors Rumyantsev had to invite the architect. Before the VA Glinka was unsolvable problem, you need to dramatically change the shirt front of the building, without disrupting the rest of the interiors and proportions, but the architect – Academician perfectly cope with this task.
May 28, 1931 Rumyantsev Museum was opened in the building, the publisher “free cultivators.”

Almost every year after the war, the house changed owners, and only in 1999 started the restoration of the mansion, because of this it has survived to this day.
For events open rooms that can accommodate about a 150 people.

Exclusive interior will be enjoyed by lovers of the history of St. Petersburg, but due to maintenance keytringovomu Carte Blanche events are held at the highest level.