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Keytringovaya company Carte Blanche will prepare for you a banquet service and Fourchette activities at a level worthy of the largest and most important events.
In the middle of the XVIII century on the island of Great Pond Pavilion was built in the town of Pushkin “hall on the island.” It was rebuilt several times, the founders of the pavilion were the architects SI Chivansky, on whose projects was built “lounge on the island” and Rastrelli, whose paintings adorned the decoration of the pavilion.

In 1917, the development of a new project engaged the architect Quarenghi, and after two decades of VP Stas started a new job.
From the very beginning, “Hall on the island,” its purpose has not changed. The pavilion was designed for concerts, dinners and recreation court. Not far from the pavilion was a small kitchen, which would not be able to cool down dinner while carrying him. In the winter, instead of boating inhabitants of Tsarskoye Selo could spend time skating on the lake. In 1911, the island passed the anniversary exhibition of Tsarskoye Selo and in honor of this restaurant in the hall opened, and stretched across the lake pontoon bridge.

In Soviet times, the hall remained closed in the winter there was stored the boat, and only in 1996 sang reconstructed historic ferry between the island and the Catherine Park.
After the restoration of the “Hall on the island” was opened in 2008, and a few centuries ago on the island are a variety of activities and events. Carte Blanche caters banquets and receptions pavilion at the highest level. Individually for each activity developed the menu, as are the island as a wedding and closed business practices.