ROLLER Tauride Gardens

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For those who like to drive on Carte Blanche skate is organizing an event in the winter sports area of ​​the city and the White Nights – Tauride at the rink. Modern technologies in the service of the roller, and pouring it 1 time per hour provide quality and strength of ice that would be able to stand on it and beginners and amateurs, and professionals. In the Tauride rink building measures are being taken on a large number of people, up to 800. The large scale and importance of the ongoing events create a special atmosphere.
Tauride Gardens is located in the vast territory that is more than 21.1 sq.m.

Catherine II gave this garden to Prince Potemkin for his services to the Russian Empire. 23 thousand trees have been planted for one year in this unique place. In the garden area there are many lakes and 19-20 centuries rink was open. Citizens can come every day and arrange winter skating on ice Swan Lake.

In Soviet times it was considered obscheostupnym garden and called the park of culture and recreation, and under Khrushchev it was renamed the Children’s City Park.
Events taking place at the rink Tauride Gardens have always had a high level. Even in czarist times zdes could meet VIPs royal blood. In our time, the rink also held cuisine and international favorites at the event support services ketringovoy Carte Blanche