Rent of the banquet equipment

For any banquet not only delicious food is needed, but also the appropriate equipment. And no matter where it will take place: indoors, in the open air or on a river boat, here you can not do without tables, chairs, crockery. Our company is ready to offer the equipment to rent for the banquets at any time of the year.

Working with us is very profitable, because we offer a wide range of different services. Our main task is – to make any holiday exclusive.
Our main principle is the slogan “Quality is higher than the cost!” For the mobile XXI Century catering is a pretty popular service. But why the rent of banquet facilities is so beneficial and what is included in this list?

1. Banquets don’t happen every day, so don’t waste money on equipment for the festive celebrations.
2. Banquets always pass with a different number of guests, so the banquet equipment can be rented as to 50 as to 200 guests.
3. You don’t need a special place to store tables, chairs and other equipment.

What is included in the list of things that our company is ready to offer?

а) Furniture: we offer original gasketed tables and chairs that are convenient to transport and also to collect.
b) Dishes and elite fraje: it is convenient to serve any table.
в) Tents and marquees: they can be used for a banquet on nature.

In addition, we can offer textile (tablecloths, skirts, blankets), thermoses and Hot meal boxes, refrigerators and steam tables, barbecues and chifin-dishi, boilers and many other things. If it is necessary a banquet equipment rent is available for one day, or for a longer period.