Palm greenhouses

Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Potemkin, Building 2, lit. T
Price on request
Information: Accommodates up to 60 guests

Greenhouse Tauride Gardens, the oldest conservatory of St. Petersburg, created by British architect William Gould.
Carte Blanche is preparing banquets and buffets to high-level events. Professional chefs company carefully develop a menu kadoe event.
History conservatories associated with the history of the Tauride Gardens. The idea of ​​building the Tauride Palace and the Palm House belongs to Catherine the Great. The architect of the building, which housed a greenhouse has become a well-known Russian architect VI Volkov. Greenhouse exposed to a variety of mutations and alterations and only in 1889 a beautiful conservatory to various exotic plants was built.

After the revolution, greenhouse building became useless and the plant had to be moved to the botanical garden. In 1935 this place was brought Palm Greenhouse from Tsarskoye Selo. During the war years the greenhouse was severely damaged and its reconstruction took place only in 1977.

Currently Orangery welcomes its guests with exotic plants: Nymphalidae, Danaus, morfidami and warmth. Events are held in a greenhouse at a high level, thanks to ketringovoy company Carte Blanche and are designed for 70 people. During the site selection for the event is to draw attention to the cinematic past greenhouse. In the Tauride garden and in the building of the films starring the great Soviet times: “Musketeers 20 Years Later” and “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson”