Organization of receptions

Organization of official receptions demands from the owners of celebration events of various kinds. Usually these actions are related to joint conferences, seminars, briefings and colleagues. The next step is a concert and music, greetings, gifts. The fifth issue that solves after the main activities related with the nutrition. In this case, the best fit catering services ordered from the company Carte Blanche. The best company that provides catering.

Our company provides maintenance services of various events on-site at the meeting room or foyer of institutions, to the river, the lake, to the forest. Our services are distinguished:
– Excellent service of activities;
– Excellent menu, ordered by clients;
– A variety of delicious snacks and different drinks;
– Availability of the necessary furniture and devices;
– Low cost;
– Accuracy and punctuality.

Exit actions

Best of all is to organize meetings on the nature. In a relaxed atmosphere in a forest glade, you can organize a reception with coffee or lunch with hot first and second courses. Welcomes the existence of barbecue, pancakes, sandwiches, chebureks, dumplings, pies, sausages on the grill. Exit actions do not require any effort from the owners.


Often the organization of visits is followed by the use of alcoholic drinks with different alcohol content. Many vacationers stop the choice on beer with salted fish. There are some consumers who prefer cognac or vodka. The employees of catering companies by prior arrangement organize any reception for the guests with the presence of beer, vodka, brandy, tea, juice and a different set of snacks.