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The new service – catering in St. Petersburg – a popular trend that is just beginning to be in demand. Firstly, it is very convenient. Secondly, the price in comparison with self-preparation and organization of mass events are very beneficial. You only need to order a catering service, and you can be sure that the company will provide Blanchepolnostyu Carte celebrations quickly and efficiently. Order catering and beneficial when you need to prepare a festive service as quickly as possible with the delivery of fresh food and drinks.

Traditional restaurant chains will prepare such an event for a long time and will present an impressive score. Catering in St. Petersburg from our company will save from such trouble. We provide catering services efficiently and on terms agreed with the host country. An important advantage – in catering is not only the preparation and delivery of food, but also the support of tableware most experienced waiters in town. Service can be arranged at any time on request.

For corporate service organizations are often difficult to find the room of the restaurant is able to accept a large number of people. Possible variant -vyezdnoy restaurant that can host this event at the highest level. At the same time, on-site catering services must meet the following requirements:

Catering company St. Petersburg must have professional experience in organizing large celebrations (banquets, mass celebrations, birthdays, etc.).

Visiting a restaurant in St. Petersburg must have an experienced team of chefs can prepare meals quickly and on time.

Catering Catering from Carte Blanche has a staff of waiters, who hold any event with the proper skill and without comment from the customer.

Catering Catering from Carte Blanche meet the above criteria is qualitative terms to the celebrations of any complexity and the most demanding customer requirements. Only our company is in St. Petersburg this experience organizing events and large celebrations.