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House of Leningrad Trade (DLT) invites you to take measures within its walls. Cocktail party and banquet service engaged keytringovaya company Carte Blanche.
In the history of the first mention of department stores accounted for in 1907, when the first revolution. The building is executed in an unusual for St. Petersburg -Modern style. author of the project is the architect EF Virrh, work on the project led the German company “Weiss and Freitag”

The building was constructed in several stages. It was incorporated in 1907, and trading house was opened in December 1909. At that time there was only one room, designed in an atrium style. In 12-13 years the small hall was built by the 20th century a second queue, which has designed other Russian architect IL Balbashevsky.
A year after the revolution in 1918, the building was renamed the First State Department Stores. In 1927 the building changed the name again. Now it is called the House of the Leningrad Cooperation LSPO and only in 1935 during the reign of IV Stalin togrovy house acquired its current name DLT – Leningrad House of Trade.
During the war, DLT was badly damaged, but was immediately rebuilt. Until 1965 the building housed the central commercial department store, at the end of the 60s of the 20th century was the best family DLT department store gorodayuyu.

He who has an interesting value, rich history and original design DLT is popular with residents of the northern capital, as well as her guests. Celebration hall for 200 people and events of different nature and purpose. Especially for you managers and chefs Carte Blanche develop the correct concept of the menu, as the banquet and fourchette. keytringovoy company’s staff will meet guests with hospitality in DLT – Leningrad House of Trade.