Grand Philharmonic Hall

Location: Saint Petersburg, St. Michael’s, 2.
Price on request
Information: Accommodates up to 900 guests

Halls of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic with an open door greeted his guests and staff Carte Blanche prepares receptions and banquets for your special event.
Best Russian acoustic hall in the middle of the XIX century became the center of musical life in St. Petersburg before the revolution lived a rich musical concerts zhizn.Posle Revolution in 1921 Petrograd Philharmonic opened in the building, conductor and director of which became E.Kuper.
Throughout the existence of the Philharmonic’s repertoire expanded, it began to appear on the stage of the composers and orchestras of world renown, including debuted known classics such as Rimsky-Korsakov, Glazunov, Borodin, Tchaikovsky

Architect designed the building F.Zhako, and its facade is known worldwide architect Carlo Rossi. Philharmonic Hall large, its interiors are striking elegance and luxury. The walls are decorated with pilasters, decorated with their columns, lined with white marble. The famous blue and red rooms were changed at the end of the XIX century, but perfectly fit into the interior of the core, engineered Rossi.
In 2015 the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra is considered to be better in all of Europe, the performance and conduct of activities in the building is considered very prestigious. Philharmonic halls accommodating up to 600 people, which allows guests to spend a small private events and Gala meetings, concerts and banquets. Guest service is keytringovaya services VIP-class Carte Blanche.