Faberge Museum

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, 3
Price on request
Information: Accommodates up to 200 guests

The best place for the event with the showers of the Imperial St. Petersburg of the XIX century – Faberge Museum, keytringovym service which deals with well-known company Carte Blanche.
According to historical records the origins of the famous collection of jewelry Easter eggs lead to the reign of Alexander III. Golden egg with chicken, made by master – jeweler Peter Carl Fabergé, was Easter gift from the Emperor to his wife.

The museum is located in the Palace Naryshkin, Shuvalov on one of the rivers of Russia’s cultural capital. The palace was built in the mid 19th century, at the intersection of the Fontanka River and the Italian streets.

The architectural style of the building has become eclectic. The palace was built in several stages. One part of the building was built in the 18th century by architect whose name is silent historical data. The right wing was built in the 20s of the 19th century, when the owner of the estate was the Naryshkin, later joined the two buildings united front. In 1846, the owner of the palace was Sophia Naryshkin and her husband Peter Shuvalov. Therefore, there was a double surname in the name of the building. After the Revolution, in Soviet times, the palace changed its purpose quite often. It was located and printing house and home appliances, and home of peace and friendship with the peoples.
S2006-2013 year was the restoration of buildings, as the official museum of Faberge was opened there.

Museum Hall for the event is designed for 160 people. especially for your celebration Carte Blanche will prepare cocktails and banquets. at the event, all guests will be able to feel the size and luxury of the palace, as well as his rich life.