ENGLISH Rowing Club in St. Petersburg

Address: St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island Street. Deputy, d.9B
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English Rowing Club was founded in Russia in 1864, due to the subject is British Empire, who resided on the banks of the Neva. They were engaged in rowing and decided to create an environment for academic training.

Before the revolution Rowing Club was located in another building on the street Nadezhdenskoy Krestovsky .raspolagatsya for deputy street, close to the old building.
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The club is located on the territory of the department of rowing in the exclusive area north of the capital, near the promenade near the river Krestovka cottage complex constitutional court, as well as next to the Presidential Administration objects.
In the building there are three main areas of the club: the national museum of rowing, the first in the new Russian elite Traditional rowing club, the base for the preparation of high sports teams.

Museum of Russian rowing is unique and has no analogues. You can see rare rowing boats in the museum including Outrigger t “grandfather”, which was built in the late XIX century in England. Also in the museum you can visit the wardroom, design and exhibits which are reminiscent of the early days of the first crest of the club in the city.
At the moment there is a permanent data club membership, which diverges into three categories. (Gold Card, Red Card, Blue Card)
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