Address: St. Petersburg, Sadovaya Street, 2.
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Information: St George’s Hall – capacity up to 250 guests

Engineering – Mikhailovsky Castle St. Petersburg is covered with legends. Bailey seemed to whisper a variety of conspiracies against the emperor.
The palace in the style of classicism, at the request of Emperor Paul I. Although the first owner of the castle was Paul, he was called Mikhailovsky in honor of the patron saint of the Romanov dynasty.

Before Paul I, all the houses of the emperors were called palaces, and only after the emperor took the title of Grand Master of the Order of Malta, in St. Petersburg, appeared the first castle.

According to historical records the decision to build a castle by Paul emerged from his fears that there will be new coup d’etat, but according to legend, to the time a soldier came a young man, beauty is not the Earth, and asked him to convey to the Emperor words: “Go to your Emperor and tell him my will – so this place was built a house and a church in the name of Archangel Michael. ” So it was decided to build on this place Mikhailovsky Castle.

The castle was designed very unusual, secret passages have been much more than conventional doors, many passages found in our time. This happened due to the obsessive fear of the emperor against him go conspiracies.

Despite the fact that Paul I had a tendency to mental disorders, he was right. in his own house in 1801, he was killed in a conspiracy that could not prevent his own son Alexander.
Engineering Mikhailovsky Castle a perfect venue for various receptions, go native St. Petersburg legends and myths around this castle. What would visitors have felt the spirit of imperial Russia perform in celebration of this castle. In the design and banquets and in the drafting of a competent menu will help you Keytringovaya service VIP class Carte Blanche.