Any holiday – corporate parties, weddings, celebration of the jubilee, the anniversary of a significant event: the participants will remember it for a long time only in the case of its professional organization. Professionally made decorating of the rooms for the holiday it is an important summand, emphasizing individuality, the specifics of a particular event. It will allow to create a positive atmosphere of solemnity, an emotionality, high spirits.

Holiday design rejects amateurishness. After all, even the original the innovative ideas of its organizers can be leveled by talentless, tasteless, non-professional approach to the decoration of the hall of the event, the scene, the surrounding area. Our company possesses out-of- reclamations (and many years) experience in providing catering services, provides registration of stationary facilities and tents using:

• light decorative elements;
• balloons;
• different fabrics, flowers;
• Thematic printing;
• banners and other accessories

According to the specificity of the celebration and the customer’s wishes.
The qualitative organization of the holidays with a stylish-original decoration of the rooms, areas of their conducting operated by company in complex. Advantages of ordering catering services in the company Carte Blanche proven many customers are caused by:

• presence of creatively thinking personnel;
• absolute accounting of stylistics of the event;
• exclusive design;
• environmentally friendly certified materials;
• the adequacy of the value of the volume of work.