Address: St. Petersburg, nab. Bypass channel, d. 60
Price on request
Information: Vmestimostdo 700 guests (1300 sq m)

Lovers of unusual places meets creative space Weavers. The building of the weavers in the style of the English factory and for a long time there was a paper manufactory.
Its location on the seafront of the bypass channel, not far from the center of St. Petersburg. In people, this building is known as “Silicon Valley for the creators”, because only in this building parallels intersect.

Within the walls of the Weavers were known exhibitions and fashion shows: Cyber ​​Fest 2012, ICONS, Defile on the Neva. Carte Blanche will prepare you for the high-level event in the creative space ‘Weavers’. Rooms offers space up to 400 guests.