Location: city of Pushkin
Price on request
Information: Accommodates up to 600 guests

Great Tsarskoye Selo Palace, better known as the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo is located, the city of Pushkin. Keytringovaya Service carte blanche to hold an event for you in a place imbued with the spirit of the 18-19th centuries. Historic Site will welcome its guests with luxurious interiors and a professional service. The history of the palace begins with 1717, when the palace was built at the request of the Empress, the wife of Peter the Great – Catherine I. The palace interior is made in Russian Baroque style and has a huge scale.

New Russian Empress Elizabeth – the wisest of the rulers of Imperial Russia in 1743 turned to the architect Andrei and Mikhail Zemtsov Kvasov to expand and equip the palace.
1752 was the last year of restructuring Palace. Elizabeth began to feel that the palace is too small and old fashioned. To create a new project, she invited the famous architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. The building of the Catherine Palace, rebuilt at the request of Elizabeth, has retained its appearance until today.

The most famous room of the Big Palace at Tsarskoye Selo -yantarnaya room. The decoration of the room was donated by Peter I King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm I. The initial position of the Amber Room was in the winter palace, and later it moved to Tsarskoye Selo.

Unfortunately Amber Room of the imperial era has not survived to the present day. During the Nazi occupation it was completely looted.
As a gift to the 300 St. Petersburg room was completely restored in appearance.

Events in the palace designed up to 600 people. The Catherine Palace is the best place for a major high-level celebration, because for greatness, he can be compared only with the Winter Palace.

The event in this unique place will be held at the highest level thanks to cocktail party and catering Carte Blanche, all guests will be pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of catering services.