Banqueting is a host for a holiday not only way to mark an important event, but also an opportunity to demonstrate their sense of style, organizational skills and creative approach. It is important to realize that the guests pay attention to all the details, and if you make at least one puncture, it will clearly cause for discussion and gossip. To organize a good dinner – this is not an easy task. To do this you need to negotiate with the representatives of restaurants, landlords premises and other contractors. In all this will take a lot of time. You will be in a constant state of stress and uncertainty. Do not take on their shoulders the responsibility for the organization of the banquet. Entrust its skilled catering company Carte Blanche, and you get rid of all the organizational issues.

We take care of not only cooking, but also delivery to the place of event furniture, utensils and all necessary cutlery. We also provide services of table and serve your guests. In our menu includes a wide variety of dishes, which can be found on our website.

Why not order a banquet just at our company?

– We are developing a personal menu for each event
– We provide professional service
– Making a stylized serving
– Organize music
– If desired, the customer can arrange themed

Banquet – event, which should rest not only the guests, but also its organizer. Our catering services, you can have a good time at a banquet, a pleasure to talk with their guests.