ATRIUM Peter and Paul Fortress

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, 3
Price: Price on request
Information: Atrium – capacity up to 300 guests

Parkland – capacity up to 1000 guests

Atrium fortress – commandant’s house. Until 2003, it was the usual courtyard of XVIII century. The birthday of the city of St. Petersburg, at its tercentenary erected over the courtyard roof. Although it is a modern add-on, it fits perfectly into the interior of the Peter and Paul Fortress. After reconstruction in the atrium of steel held a variety of activities all year round. Basically, under the panoramic roof exhibitions, concerts, seminars and weddings. Specially keytringovaya company Carte Blanche for you prepare a banquet menu for your celebration in the atrium of the fortress, which is the most mysterious building in St. Petersburg.

Peter and Paul Fortress – the first building in the city on the Neva. Its construction began in 1703, the fortress became the architect Domenico Trezzini. Peter and Paul Fortress is not only rich in history recorded in the Chronicle, and an infinite number of myths.

The most famous myth has it that almost all the buildings of St. Petersburg built in the “forbidden” areas. Peter and Paul Fortress is no exception. It was erected in the cemetery at the site of a pagan sanctuary. So people say that you can hear the song in the days of pagan celebrations.

Another legend of St. Petersburg Peter and Paul Fortress was born in 1777 during a flood. There is a version that is known to all Princess Tarakanov died in one of the cells at the time of how it start to flow water. This is evidenced by the picture “Princess Tarakanov” famous hkdozhnika Constantine Flavitsky